Eurotungstene produces metal powders and binders for diamond tools, cemented carbides, refractory materials, metal injection moulding.

Eurotungstene specialises in processing cobalt, tungsten carbide, tungsten, tungsten-copper and rhenium under powder and granule forms

  • STEP The missing link
  • Rhenium recycling
  • Free Sintering Solution
  • Keen®
  • Microneex®

High-quality and extended ranges of metal powders

Eurotungstene provides comprehensive ranges of high-quality metal powders and granules: cobalt, WC-Co mixed, NEXT® and Keen® pre-alloyed powders, additives, tungsten, tungsten carbide and rhenium.

The technological leader

Innovation is the cornerstone of the company. 25 highly skilled technicians and engineers continuously improve processes, design new products in a state-of-the-art laboratory and give technical assistance to customers.

International network

Eurotungstene is a modern company, with a truly international approach. Due to its comprehensive network of agents and distributors in all major countries, Eurotungstene covers all continents and develops privileged local relationships with its customers.




Eurotungstene manufactures by hydrometallurgy and sells extra-fine metal powders and granules, made from cobalt, tungsten, tungsten carbide, fused tungsten carbide, tungsten-copper and rhenium. Eurotungstene continuously designs pre-alloyed powders and granules, based on NEXT and Keen powders.

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